Zephyr Wines are going organic

. October 22, 2020
Zephyr Wines are going organic

Zephyr Wines' MK111 Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc 2019 was one of the top rated Sauvignon Blancs in our most recent issue's tasting panel, our judges declaring it has "a deliciously dry texture and creamy, slightly funky generosity". This year, Zephyr Wines, helmed by Ben Glover, has been certified organic. We found out what that means for the brand.

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When the dish team's panel tasted Zephyr Wines' MK111 Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc 2019, they found it boasted a deliciously dry texture and creamy, slightly funky generosity. They declared that this smooth wine will have your lips smacking in no time. Juicy lemon, sweet basil, smoked passion fruit and sugar snap pea notes wash across the palate. Our judges (dish drinks editor, Yvonne Lorkin; Ant MacKenzie, winemaker at Toño and Lauren Swift, winemaker at Ash Ridge and Swift Wines) felt it was the splash of barrel ferment that gave it interesting complexity and oomph.

A Farming Journey
10 years after launching the Zephyr Brand, owner Ben Glover has transitioned the family vineyard to organic farming practices. Most wines from the 2020 vintage will carry the Bio-gro certified logo – continuing Zephyr’s journey to express the true flavours of the Glover family farm, all the while having an emphasis on regenerative farming and winemaking for mindful consumption.

Zephyr Winemaker - Ben Glover

Organic Farming
To get that certified organic stamp, Zephyr is keeping things pure and simple, with no chemical herbicides or pesticides used in the vineyards. Ben is concentrating on creating a good growing environment through soil health and biodiversity. As an example, instead of using glyphosate-based weed spray under the vines to remove competition, the Zephyr vineyard team mow and disc up the soil to manage the weed growth, ensuring that the vineyard, vines and supplementary grass species are working together in harmony to provide a balanced vineyard home.

As far as things in the winery - it's a "hands off" approach to winemaking says Ben, as the fruit harvested from the vineyard are in pristine condition and have a remarkable vibrant healthy robustness.

If the Zephyr 2019 Sauvignon Blanc is tasting this good, we can't wait to taste their organic 2020 vintage – due for release early next year.

Find the dish review of Zephyr Wines' MK111 Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc 2019 on page 121 of Issue 93, with GOOD TIMES on the cover, or by clicking here.

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