December 20, 2022
Steinlager Zero

Beer drinkers across the country are in for a thirst-quenching delight this summer, with one of Steinlager’s recent releases setting a new precedent for the Zero alcohol category. 

This year Steinlager launched New Zealand’s first double zero beer. Steinlager Zero 0.0%*– meaning Kiwis can now enjoy the taste of traditional Steinlager and not worry about the alcohol content or carbon footprint. 

With increasing numbers of kiwis hunting out low or zero alcohol drink options, Steinlager Zero has joined the line-up and is available in local bars, restaurants and liquor stores across the country.

Steinlager zero

Whether you’re an existing Steinlager drinker or new, you can enjoy the diversity of choice, flexing between traditional or zero alcohol options depending on the day, occasion, or how you’re feeling, without judgement.

The iconic and much-loved Steinlager, became the country’s first large scale beer brand to be Toitū net carbonzero certified in November 2020. As the first zero alcohol beer under the Steinlager brand, Steinlager Zero holds claim to the lofty title of New Zealand’s first double zero beer.

Toitū net carbonzero certification has seen every step in the Steinlager product’s life cycle have its emissions reduced or offset – from growing the hops and barley, making the beer at the brewery, to bottles, caps, packaging and transport – even right down to the length of time the beer will spend in the consumer’s fridge.

Steinlager zero 

Steinlager Zero delivers a full flavour that is perfectly balanced with a dry, tangy finish and the crisp, clean bitterness that Steinlager drinkers know and love.

For those choosing to drink Steinlager Zero, the addition of it being carbon zero is very appealing. Being able to enjoy an icy cold Steinlager Zero in the knowledge that it’s been created with care for the future in mind – is pretty good.

Make the most of your tomorrows with Steinlager Zero 0.0%* beer –available for purchase at supermarkets and liquor stores in a 12-pack format and in on-premise venues across the country.

*less than 0.05% alc/vol

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