Lovable lips from Giapo

October 08, 2019
Lovable lips from Giapo

Lips, lips, lips! Whether it’s famous filler on the front cover of Vogue, or pierced lips in an underground punk scene, luscious lips are everywhere. 

The creative team at Giapo, have decided to honour the organ that first touches all of their gastronomical creations - the vessel for glorious food - by creating Wearable Lips. Exploring the limits of their imagination, they have created an interactive experience of wearing ice-cream as if they were your own lips. At Giapo they are changing how ice cream is experienced and the function of ice-cream itself, reinventing the bounds for the conventional delight and why people buy it. 

Encased in smooth dark chocolate “lips,” is a perfect slather of your favourite choice of their hand-crafted ice-cream. Protruding from the back is a crunchy cookie, whereby ice-cream lovers will bite, wear and feast upon their Wearable Lips creation. These lush lips are truly irresistible!