Five of the best dumplings in Kraków, Poland

. July 29, 2019
Five of the best dumplings in Kraków, Poland

If you’re planning a trip to Europe, Kraków should be one of the must-visit cities on your list. It’s not only beautiful, with amazing architecture and meaningful history, but it's a city that offers a wide variety of dining options that'll satisfy any foodie. Weronika, our resident Pole, has rounded up five of the best places to enjoy pierogi (traditional Polish dumplings).

Pod Katarynką
Pod Katrynką is a typical Polish restaurant where you can try many traditional meals, including pierogi. Here they make dough the way it should be – delicate and not gluggy. Try the classic “ruskie” – Russian dumplings filled with potatoes and farmer’s cheese, served with a butter topping - they're just as good as the ones my family and I would prepare at home!

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Pierożki u Vincenta
Small, cosy and affordable, this restaurant has been decorated with Vincent Van Gough inspired artworks and interiors. The pierogi menu here is large and includes sweet and sour options. My favourites are “Wigilijne” filled with sauerkraut, mushrooms and onion, but the meat ones are also delicious. Trust me when I say, you'll leave feeling full and satisfied.

Restauracja Gąska
A rustic restaurant that serves fabulous dumplings and a range of Polish cuisine. The pierogi fillings are perfectly balanced, well seasoned and you can ask for golden fried onion with sour cream or a garlic-parsley butter as a topping. It may come as a surprise, but the goose dumplings are some of the best on the menu. Enjoy the beautiful interior while devouring a plate of these doughy snacks.

Restauracja Pod Aniołami
If you’re looking for something a little bit more elegant, this restaurant is a must visit. Sporting historical 13th century interiors and a brilliant menu, based on Polish culinary traditions, I recommend spending an evening here, soaking up the history and cuisine. They serve dumplings in a variety of flavours with meat, mushrooms and cabbage and the aforementioned Russian dumplings. You can choose to have them boiled or pan-fried with butter and onion or served with cranberries – a nobleman’s delicacy. Each and every option is moreish and delectable.

Robimy Pierogi
Robimy Pierogi is a food truck with a fixed location. On the menu you can find an array of different fillings. Not only do they serve the meaty kind – you can also order vegetarian and vegan ones, or try something different and opt for those that are made with seasonal fruits. Robimy Pierogi is a great option for eating on-the-go, and price-wise they're super affordable. All of the dumplings are made by hand, using traditional recipes.