A Taste Adventure with Monique Fiso and Kāpiti Ice Cream

December 05, 2023
A Taste Adventure with Monique Fiso and Kāpiti Ice Cream

Wellington based multi-award-winning chef, Monique Fiso embarked on a taste adventure with Kāpiti Ice Cream to celebrate their new Marlborough Salted Caramel and Affogato.

A journey to Kāpiti Island itself inspired Monique to create two distinctive dishes, exquisitely paired with the new Kāpiti range. Monique’s unique take on these two classic recipes deliver a flavour experience where nature truly meets indulgence.

Campfire Summer Berry Kawakawa Cake with Kāpiti Marlborough Salted Caramel Ice Cream

Monique Fiso invites you to experience the magic of a Campfire Summer Berry and Kawakawa Cake paired with the luscious Kāpiti Marlborough Salted Caramel Ice Cream. The ice cream infuses flaky sea salt sourced from Marlborough into rich caramel ripple, swirled through creamy caramel flavoured ice cream. Creatively paired with tart summer berries and the unique essence of kawakawa.

Crêpes with Charred Orange, Horopito Butterscotch Sauce, and Kāpiti Affogato Ice Cream

Kāpiti Affogato is inspired by New Zealand’s love affair with the finest coffee; a smooth coffee infused ice cream, swirled together with Kāpiti’s famous creamy Vanilla Bean Ice Cream. The velvety textures of the coffee-infused ice cream, elevate Monique Fiso's crêpes to an unparalleled level of indulgence. Each bite is a journey through the richness of coffee and the creaminess of vanilla, and a tribute to the finest ingredients.

Embark on your own taste adventure with Kāpiti & Monique.
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