Long Weekend Snacks Done Properly

March 22, 2024
Long Weekend Snacks Done Properly

One for the savoury lovers; whose taste buds prefer something a little salty over something a little sweet.

Move aside chocolate; Proper Crisps are the perfect accompaniment to bubbles and beers, BBQ’s and get-togethers this Easter. 

A quintessential part of every kiwi’s long weekend is the snacks. Road trip snacks, late night snacks, pre-dinner snacks; food can bring us together in the best of ways. Snacking sets the tone for your occasion, and a bag of Proper Crisps will always be a winner at every table. Not every chip is made equal; and Proper Crisps are a “crisp” above the rest. 

With a focus on real ingredients, Proper Crisps are a testament to less is more. Using golden potatoes for the best potato flavour, seasoned with house-made seasonings that have been developed by chefs to get the best real food flavour. Their commitment to quality is unmatched with only the best crisps making it into your bag. Nicknamed “proper chefs”; there are people involved in every step of the cooking process to achieve perfection in crisp form. 

A classic crowd pleaser, Marlborough Sea Salt is an excellent choice when visiting family and friends this long weekend. A delicious snack that is allergen friendly, vegan suitable and additive free; this bag of crisps can be enjoyed by all, even Aunt Catherine. 

If your Easter get-together calls for something a little fancier; turn your crisps into a platter worthy entree. Add a dollop of ricotta, a piece of prosciutto, a drizzle of honey and a sprinkle of thyme and watch your Proper Crisps turn into a snack masterpiece. 

If chocolate is still a must-have for you and your family; why not combine them? Melt 200g of dark chocolate and drizzle over a tray of Marlborough Sea Salt crisps, sprinkle with chilli flakes and set aside until the chocolate sets. 

Need more reasons to add more crispy goodness in your life? Visit propercrisps.com or follow @propercrisps for more recipes.