Low Current, High Performance: Induction cooking without rewiring your kitchen

April 04, 2024
Low Current, High Performance: Induction cooking without rewiring your kitchen

Induction cooktops have been the chef's secret weapon for years, but electrical rewiring woes often held them hostage in older homes. Enter Haier’s low current induction cooktop, where a lower power demand on your circuit makes it a game-changing addition for restaurant-quality cooking in any kitchen.

Picture this: lightning-fast heat, precise temperature control, and effortless cleanup – all without a flame or scorching hot elements. That's the magic of induction. But unlike its traditional counterparts, low current models play nice with your existing wiring, saving you time, money, and potentially the headache of electrical upgrades.


Why go low-current?

  • Effortless installation: Say goodbye to rewiring nightmares. Low current induction uses clever software to maximise existing power and get your kitchen humming in no time.
  • Sustainable saviour: Ditch the gas, embrace the future. Induction is cleaner and energy-efficient - according to rating system Energy Star, induction is reported to be 5-10% more energy efficient than conventional electric cooktops and three times more efficient than gas.
  • Powerhouse performance: Don't be fooled by the "low" label. These cooktops pack a punch with precise heat control and powerful boost functions for searing steaks or boiling water in a flash.
  • Easy cleanup: Spills? What spills? Induction heats the pan directly, leaving your cooktop cool to the touch and practically spotless.

More than just cooking, it's an investment:

  • Upgrade your kitchen instantly: Low current induction is the perfect choice for a kitchen refresh, adding a touch of modern sophistication while potentially avoiding any need for extensive home upgrades.
  • Future-proof your home: Low current induction is a sustainable, forward-thinking choice that ensures your kitchen stays ahead of the curve.


Ready to experience the future of cooking? Haier's low current induction cooktop offers unmatched flexibility and power. So, ditch the flame, embrace the future, and discover the creative possibilities of low current induction cooking.

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