Celebrating Hawke's Bay Chardonnay with Chef Jeremy Rameka

. October 17, 2016
Celebrating Hawke's Bay Chardonnay with Chef Jeremy Rameka

This summer, chef Jeremy Rameka of Napier's Pacifica Restaurant is teaming up with Sacred Hill to present an evening of beautiful, local food and wine.

At Jeremy Rameka's Napier restaurant Pacifica, you can enjoy an ever-changing degustation made up of the freshest local ingredients amid a relaxed Pacific-style atmosphere. With a focus on "quality, excitement, freshness, passion, and flavour" this restaurant is shaking up the notion that beautiful food equals white tablecloths and super-posh waitstaff.

During the Hawke's Bay's Summer Food and Wine Classic (F.A.W.C!) Jeremy will present a collaboration with Sacred Chardonnay which has seen him working with senior winemaker Tony Bish to create an unforgettable evening of food and wine. we asked Jeremy a few questions ahead of his sold-out dinner.

For someone who hasn’t been lucky enough to dine at Pacifica, how would you describe your style of food?
Describing our style of food is quite a difficult one as it's still in its infancy. I would like to think it is a cultural connection to Aotearoa, not just as Māori but for all New Zealanders.

Will the dishes be taken from your menu or created especially for the night?
The dishes will be made especially for the night, using ingredients I often use, but with my signature style of unusual combinations.

Pacifica's menu changes daily, depending on what's in season.

What makes Sacred Hill’s chardonnay an inspiring wine match?
Well for starters, I love chardonnay – it's probably my all round go-to wine, so really it's a no-brainer. There is a lot of mutual respect between Sacred Hill and myself; I’ve known Tony Bish (their senior winemaker) for a number of years and we’ve listed a good deal of Sacred Hill wines for years. Basically, we’re a big fan.

What are your favourite things about cooking and eating in the summer months?
You can't get any better than Hawke's Bay summers. Everything comes alive, people are in abundance, the ingredients are plentiful – it becomes a pleasure to cook.

Jeremy in the kitchen.

Your event has already sold out, what do you think it is festival-goers find most appealing?
I guess the collaborative element, being able to enjoy your favourites all at once. Experiencing wine and food often out of the normal settings.

Why do you think FAWC! is a valuable event for the Hawke’s Bay?
It showcases the region as a collective, sending the vibe that we in the hospitality industry try to emit individually every day. 

Jeremy's F.A.W.C! event has already sold out, but there are tickets to so many other events waiting to be snapped up – see the full programme at www.fawc.co.nz.