Meet Sarah Tuck, dish Editor

May 02, 2019
Meet Sarah Tuck, dish Editor

Get to know our wonderful new dish Editor and former contributor, Sarah Tuck.

She has contributed to dish for years, her cookbook Coming Unstuck continues to reside among the top 10 cookbooks and now she’s the new Editor of our award-winning food and lifestyle brand. We warmly welcome Sarah Tuck, her multitude of experience, and her exciting fresh outlook. We chat to Sarah about her biggest food inspiration, her most memorable cooking nightmare and her go-to tipple.

Ultimate comfort food
It sounds a bit cheesy, but I can’t go past an old-school chicken and leek pie with a decadent pile of butter-laden mash.

Most memorable meal
It would have to be sitting in the sunshine sharing a meal at a small seafood restaurant in Dubrovnik, Croatia. The fish was straight from the sea, the setting picture-postcard perfect and I had my two sons as the best company I could wish for. My most memorable dish would have to be my mother’s Dutch croquettes – painstakingly prepared, deep-fried decadence, imbued with childhood memories.

Biggest food inspiration
Travel, whether locally or internationally, is always hugely inspirational. I relish in getting out of my little ‘hood’ and enjoying the buzz of new experiences. Seasonality is another big influence – if ever I experience ‘food writer’s block’ I will head to my local farmers’ market. The lush, seasonal produce will always kick-start the spark I need. Ultimately, though, I feel inspired by all sorts of creativity around me – fashion, music, literature, art, design and film.

"Cue a saucer being handed around the table, to be piled high with offerings from everyone’s plates."

Who’s your food hero?
Yotam Ottolenghi. I am always blown away by the flavour and texture combinations that he puts together, absolutely stunning.

Most memorable cooking nightmare…
I’d have to have been about 20 when I invited 12 guests around for a Christmas Eve dinner party. I had to turn the turkey sideways to get it in my tiny oven. Then, as I sat down at the table, having plated up all the portions, I realised that every last morsel of food had been allocated and I had neither a plate nor food left for myself. Everyone was waiting for me to sit down. Cue a saucer being handed around the table, to be piled high with offerings from everyone’s plates. In hindsight it was pretty funny, but at the time I was mortified!

What’s your favourite tipple?
I am a huge whisky fan in winter. And I can’t go past a Negroni in the warmer months (I always intend to stick to Aperol spritz but it never quite happens…).

Best entertaining tip
Make a timeline for the occasion and work back from the moment you want to serve up – it takes all the stress out of having components ready at the same time. Keep it simple but fabulous too – seasonal, flavour-packed, and great ingredients as the hero.