Little Island's New Flavour is Summer in a Tub

December 15, 2015
Little Island's New Flavour is Summer in a Tub

Tommy and James of Little Island Coconut Creamery have just released a new flavour and people are risking life and limb to get hold of it as fast as they can. Literally.

Deliciously creamy and brimming with chunks of coconut, Little Island Coconut Creamery's new Toasted Coconut Caramel Nice Cream tastes like summer. We asked Tommy and James, the pair behind the creamery, a few questions about their frozen creations.

Can you tell me a bit about how Little Island came to be? 

Tommy: Little Island was born out of necessity. Summer was winding down and so was Nice Block consumption. We had these awesome coconut-based Nice Blocks so we thought about turning them into ice cream. Everyone loved it and thats what got us through that first real winter of business. From there we really started to think about ways to celebrate the coconut through new lines like the Original and Chocolate Coconut Milk. The idea behind the Little Island Coconut Creamery is that if it can be done with dairy, it can be done better with coconut. 

What’s special about your Nice Cream? 

James:  It's a mixture of all the things we think a treat should be. It's based on coconut cream instead of dairy and still has the creaminess you'd expect. We make it all right here in Auckland and source our ingredients from places you'd be proud of. To top it off we support Fairtrade and pay all our staff a certified living wage.  

Where do you find inspiration for your flavours? 

Tommy: We start by looking at what we think might enhance and complement coconut as a base flavour and go from there really. We take a lot of cues from what is or will be available from the Pacific region and we are working to source the majority of our ingredients from the Pacific. 

What sort of feedback have you been getting about your new Toasted Coconut Caramel Flavour? 

James:  We did a free scoop night outside a store the other evening and people were really excited, some driving halfway across town to try it. One woman turned up right at the end and told me she had just read about the tasting while at the gym and raced over. She was holding a motorbike helmet. I asked her if she rode there and she excitedly said: "Yeah! It was my first time on a scooter. Took some convincing to get my flatmate to lend it to me too." I gave her a double scoop.   

Do you have any bright ideas for toppings or ways to use your new flavour? 

Tommy:  Easy: Toasted Coconut Caramel Affogato. 

What’s your idea of a perfect summer’s day? 

James:  One where everyone is eating our Nice Blocks and Little Island ice cream would be ace. That and several days of swimming, eating, swimming, eating, beer and bed.  

When you’re not eating nice cream, where are some of your favourite spots to grab a bite? 

Tommy: We're weekly regulars of FishSmith on Jervois Road. They're up there for the best fish tacos after a high tide swim at the beach down the road. 

James: Kokako for breakfast, their vegan hash with cashew aoili is spot on. Then Sunflower Cafe for lunch – everything on the menu is vegetarian and/or vegan; they do the best vegan dumplings in Auckland. Finally Matterhorn for a nice dinner – they have great vegan options when you're feeling a bit fancy.