Tomorrow's Brunch - Good Day, Auckland

. September 16, 2015
Photography by India Essuah.
Tomorrow's Brunch - Good Day, Auckland

Simplicity reigns supreme at this aptly-named neighbourhood café, but it's well worth the trip if you're not an Orakei local.

Place: Nestled amongst an unassuming set of Orakei shops, Good Day was practically under our noses before we could spot it. Once we did, it's simplicity and quaint decor had us smiling before we were even inside, as did the fact we had no trouble finding a park really close by. It's a small space which managed to retain a friendly, relaxed atmosphere even as a stream of customers (mostly locals, I assume) ebbed and flowed through. Many dashed in and out, coffee and bagel in hand, while a few others lingered over papers or requested a second flat white. Despite its size, it's the sort of place you feel welcome to hang around a while. 

People: Before they started Good Day just over six months ago, Jacqui Crichton and Dan Shaw managed Dizengoff, so while the café's still relatively new you can rest assured the pair know their stuff. Orakei might not be the first place you'd think to relocate from Ponsonby, but it's clear the café's slotted in perfectly to the suburb's quiet hum. 

On the menu: Good Day's menu is straightforward and relatively short, yet still hard to order from – only because each item looks so delicious. I ordered the bagel with avocado and tomato, gratefully taking them up on the suggestion of an additional soft oven-baked egg. One friend went for the avocado and bacon on five-grain, while the other ordered a BLT bagel. 

Each dish arrived in quick succession and, judging by the minimal time it took to polish them off, everything hit the spot brilliantly. We also ordered a chocolate fish milkshake to share which was as good as it was nostalgic (their apple pie flavour looks worth a try too). However, I think we missed the boat by looking past the sardines on toast – I've since heard multiple people sing its praises (loudly). Our cups were filled with ever–wonderful Supreme coffee and the cabinet had us very tempted with its offerings of sweet treats. 

Decor: One of the loveliest parts about the space is the natural light that streams in from the street-facing windows as well as from behind the exposed kitchen, giving it a light, fresh feel. With high ceilings, fresh flowers on each table and potted plants draping from high corners and shelves, the space is made beautiful by a string of simple touches we enjoyed pointing out as we waited for our food.

Go tomorrow: For a relaxed, simple start to the day away from the city's hustle and bustle. You'll leave full of wholesome food, beautiful coffee and plans to escape the city and return.

3/78 Coates Ave, Orakei, Auckland 
(09) 529 5048
Opening hours
​Monday to Saturday: 7.00am – 3.30pm