Why we love The Clevedon Village Farmers' Market

March 30, 2021
Why we love The Clevedon Village Farmers' Market

Just 45 minutes out of Central Auckland, The Clevedon Village Farmers' Market is a breath of fresh air, with fresh local produce and products, from biltong to pretzels, quails eggs to honey. 

Way back when it was founded in 2005, the vision was to provide a venue to promote and sell fresh, high-quality local produce directly to the public. Today, The Clevedon Village Farmers' Market is that and more. It now aims to preserve the rural way of life and local food systems that are now rapidly disappearing from the greenbelt surrounding Auckland. 

Running Brook Seeds stall

A visit to the market is a genuine farm-to-table experience. At each stall, you meet the grower of the produce and can learn more about the food you eat. The market is a proud mainstay of the Clevedon community, and as well as being a great place to immerse yourself in that community, the market provides opportunities for the area.

Market goers enjoying the atmosphere. 

The flourishing market has over 60 seaonal and permanent stalls (scroll down for a full list), making it popular for locals and visitors alike, not to mention the idyllic and family-friendly rural atmosphere. With stalls for cheese, berries, biltong, fruit, tomatoes, baked goods, juice, hot sauce, honey, a deli, a butcher, a pizza oven, soap, and even dog food (to name a just few) a trip to the market can replace a trip to the supermarket...and provide a much nicer experience.

Clevedon Buffalo cheese and condiment stall.

If there is a better way to support local, learn about where your food comes from and spend a Sunday morning, we haven't heard of it. See you there. 

The Clevedon Village Farmers' Market

Clevedon, Monument Road (Gate 6, The Munro Entrance)
Sundays - 8:00am to 1:00pm

Closed Christmas, Easter Sunday & Clevedon A&P Show Day

Full list of stalls:

Akemi’s Goya

Brothers Green

Billies Smoked Fish

Black Robin ℗

Bobs Biltong


Bells Berries

Blooms Pretzels

Clevedon Buffalo

Clevedon Cuisine

Clevedon Quails

Goat Gourmet

Comb Honey

Cornish Pasties

Culley’s Sauces

Curious Croppers

Dough Girls

Dough Boys

Eden Fresh Cherries

Edens Orchids

Espresso Turning Point

Wild Ferment

French Crepes

Fussy Foodie

Good Herb Soda

Hannah Flowers

Happy Beekeeping


Hassan Soap

Hamlin Road Farm

Hungarian Twisters

Jenny’s Kitchen


KohKoz Lebanese Cuisine

Lulus Tonic


Willowbrook Lavender

Le Sud

McTwo Orchards

Manaia Craft Brewers

Miss Maggies Dog Deli


Natures Corner

Olaf’s Bakery

Ongare Organic Farms

Orchard Juice


Real Dog food

Red Hot Kiwi Co.

River Estate


Salash Deli

The Dog Father

Village Oven Pizza

Whitebait Fritters ℗

Wholesome Food

Waiuku Vege


Running Brook Seeds

Pokeno Blueberries