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dish FAST
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dish FAST

On Sale in Bookshops Now! 

dish FAST is a cookbook full of quick, easy classics and up-to-the-minute recipes. With 100+ seasonal recipes from dish magazine it offers a wealth of super-speedy, simple and delicious dishes.

$45.00 + postage.

Book Buzz

‘With such a busy life as a full-time single parent, cooking often becomes a needs must – so thank you dish!’

‘Bought this last week and been drooling through it this afternoon. Only question is which recipe to make first?’

‘How exciting – honestly, the best cookbook I have ever laid my food-loving/making hands on! Well done team!’

'I have just purchased this book. It’s amazing I have made the Grilled Fish with Caper and Red Onion dressing which was great and tonight I made the Vegetable Shepherd’s Pie with Kumara and Goats Cheese Topping and it was amazing. I’m sure tomorrow night’s Salmon, Potato, Green Olive and Fennel Tray bake will be just as good. I want to get a copy for my daughter now, I know she would find it her go to recipe book too.'