Material World

December 21, 2016
Photography by Greta Van Der Star.
Material World

Furoshiki is the art of folding a beautiful square piece of material into any number of incredible, practical uses – here, we share instructions for a shoulder bag, perfect for taking to market...

1 With the reverse side facing out, hold about one third down the length of the cloth.


2 Take hold of the opposing corner the same length down so they are symmetrical.


3 Tie the second corner around the first in a single knot.


4 Repeat with the other two corners of fabric making sure they are symmetrical.


5 Tightly twist tail of the knots on both sides.


6 & 7 Tie two twisted ends together in a basic knot to create the shoulder strap.


8 This bag is perfect for smaller market items and as an alternative to your everyday shoulder bag. A smaller version can also be made to carry your lunch.