Drop of the Day - Curious Dry Gin

April 08, 2021
Drop of the Day - Curious Dry Gin

Curious Dry is the world's only gin made with just four New Zealand native botanicals. Those clean, herbaceous flavours make it a perfect match to sip alongside our Chipotle Prawns with Lime and Jalapeno Mayo.

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With wild harvested kawkawa and horopito (also known as bush pepper), manuka and urban foraged tarata (also known as lemonwood), this balanced Loindon Dry gin has a distinctly NZ taste and is wickedly good in a G&T. 

The green, herbaceous notes of the juniper and kawakawa are heightened by the peppery spice of the horopito. The citrus notes of tarata give a twist to the tradtional zest of gin, and the woody sweetness of the mankua seeds top this gin off. It's one of a kind and you won't taste these flavours anywhere else in the world, or in any other gin. 

The flavours work a treat in with a dry tonic and a slice of lemon or lime, in fact this gin is great in any citrus-based cocktail, like a gimlet or a grapefruit collins. Serve alongside our Chipotle Prawns with Lime and Jalapeno Mayo and you have yourself an occasion. Not to mention, there's no better gift for overseas friends (or New Zealanders who are overseas) than a bottle of uniquely Kiwi botanicals. 

To get your hands on a bottle, purchase online or head to any good liquor store. 

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