Cocktail - Strawberry Smash

. September 19, 2014
Photography by Dish.
Cocktail - Strawberry Smash

Sweet strawberries and the summery scent of mint are married by the sophisticated taste of Angostura aromatic bitters in this beautifully rounded cocktail.


sugar cube

4 dashes Angostura aromatic bitters
lime wedge

2 mint leaves
2 fresh strawberries
3 fresh strawberries

44mls Hendrick’s Gin

44mls Broken Shed vodka

splash of Maraschino
San Pelligrino Soda

Serves one 

Put the sugar cube in an old fashioned glass and add the Angostura aromatic bitters. Add the lime wedge and mint leaves and muddle. Slice two of the strawberries and muddle a little more. Add the gin, vodka and Maraschino. Top off with soda water and cover with ice.