Ham, Mozzarella and Wilted Greens “Croque Monsieur”

, from Issue #66. May, 2016
Photography by Manja Wachsmuth.
Ham, Mozzarella and Wilted Greens “Croque Monsieur”

Instead of making individual sandwiches, I’ve used a whole ciabatta and cut it into wedges to serve when cooked. It makes an impressive and very tasty lunch when served with a salad. 

Serves: 6


1 loaf ciabatta 
soft butter
Dijon mustard
200 grams thinly sliced leg ham
2 balls fresh mozzarella in whey, drained and sliced 
Wilted Greens, recipe in method
parmesan cheese
Béchamel sauce
2 tablespoons butter
3 tablespoons plain flour
¼ teaspoon ground nutmeg
1¼ cups milk
sea salt and ground pepper



Preheat the oven to 180°C fan bake.

Béchamel sauce: Melt the butter in a medium saucepan and stir in the flour and nutmeg to make a smooth paste. Whisk in the milk and bring to the boil, stirring constantly. Season generously then simmer for 3 minutes. Set aside.

Slice the top off the loaf to make a flat surface to put the greens on.

Cut the loaf in half horizontally. 

Spread the cut sides with butter then with mustard.

Lay the ham then the cheese over the bottom half and top with the remaining bread. Place on a lined baking tray and bake for 10 minutes. 

Turn the oven to grill.

Stir the Wilted Greens (recipe below) into the béchamel and pile on top of the bread. Add a good grating of parmesan and place under the hot grill until bubbling and golden. 

Place on a board and cut into wedges to serve.

Wilted Greens

You can use any combination of shredded greens, such as spinach, kale, silverbeet and rocket as well as thinly sliced fennel and red onion. 

You need 4 cups of sliced greens in total.

Heat a little oil in a sauté pan and cook the greens with a little salt until tender. Drain on kitchen towels to remove excess liquid before adding to the béchamel.