Stuffed Green Olive Burgers

, from Issue #57. September, 2015
Photography by Manja Wachsmuth.
Stuffed Green Olive Burgers

No buns here, just big fat juicy olives halved and filled with your favourite antipasti ingredients, then skewered and ready to go.


Large green olives (buy either pitted or with the stone, in which case you will have to halve and remove the pits yourself)


Filling suggestions:
I’ve used a base layer of mozzarella then added 1 additional topping in each olive and a herb where relevant.

  • Fresh mozzarella in whey, drained, sliced and then placed between kitchen towels to absorb excess water. Cut to fit the olives.
  • Roasted and peeled red or yellow capsicums, sliced. (I used El Navarrico piquillo pepper strips)
  • Tinned squid, sliced (I used Albo stuffed squid in American sauce)
  • Chorizo sausage, sliced and pan-fried, drained on kitchen towels
  • White or regular anchovies