From the Pantry: Barbecue Essentials

January 28, 2015
From the Pantry: Barbecue Essentials

A selection of our favourite sauces, dressings and oils from The Dish Pantry to help flavour any barbecue dish to perfection.

A barbecue is as much an excuse to gather family and friends to enjoy fine weather as it is to cook meat and veg to smoky, juicy perfection. Following on from our Guide to Barbecuing and Quick Dressings and Marinade Recipes, here's our guide to barbecue essentials from our curated guide to New Zealand producers, The Dish Pantry

Spicy Glaze by St Andrew's Limes. A gluten free reduction of lime juice, fish sauce, chilli and garlic, perfect served with chicken or fish for a distinctive Asian kick. 

Chipotle Hot Sauce by Culley's. Pour this syrupy sauce generously over any meat before barbecuing for an instant hit of Mexican spice. 

Balsamic Drizzle by Telegraph Hill. A good quality balsamic drizzle is an incredibly versatile summer pantry essential. Dress barbecued vegetables, salads or even strawberries and easily impress. 

Medium Blend Extra Virgin Olive Oil by VIRTUO. In a similar vein, a good quality olive oil will lift any homemade dressings to a higher plane of deliciousness. This VIRTUO Medium blend combines the intense flavour of the olive fruit with peppery light bitterness, enhancing barbecued lamb and white meat, bitter greens, pasta and red wine vinaigrettes.

Smoked Chill Salt by Culley's. Sprinkle on meat or vegetables for a distinctly American barbecue flavour, provided by a hint of hickory. For Culley’s Smoked Chilli Salt the smoky ingredient is blended with organic salt from the Redmond mines in Utah USA, which contains no less than 50 trace minerals.

1812 Pale Ale by The Emerson Brewing Company. Tangy orange flavours work perfectly with this classic New Zealand pale ale, making it the perfect companion to meats barbecued with Asian marinades like plum sauce.