What the dish Team is Cooking from our Latest Issue

July 06, 2020
What the dish Team is Cooking from our Latest Issue

Not even the dish team are immune to the temptations of dish mag... Here's what we're cooking first.

Our team puts enormous care into making sure all the photos of our dishes are as enticing as can be, so of course we end up finding ourselves enticed as well. The current issue in particular had us huddled round discussing what we were going to make first, and of all these easy, delicious recipes, what our favourites are. 

Keep an eye out on our social media to see the team's renditions of these gorgeously tempting meals, or try your own hand at them - please take pictures because we'd love to see!

P.S., Not all the recipes are online so have a fossick through the mag to find the rest.

Sarah Tuck, Editor

Olivia’s Beef Cheeks with Parmesan and Polenta is bloody spectacular with meltingly tender beef on soft, pillowy polenta. It makes a perfect do-ahead dinner party dish, and is way easier to make than might be expected. Next on the list will be Claire’s Basque Lemon Cheesecake – having sampled it on shoot-day I can’t wait to have it again!

Recipe in issue 91, page 74 (beef cheeks), 87 (cheesecake)

Bridget Daulby, Art Director

I have already made (and illustrated) the Pear, Almond and Polenta Cake for my friend's birthday – huge success. I will be making the Herby Cheese and Kumara Lentil pies and the Biang Biang Noodles for sure as well :)

Recipe in issue 91, page 95 (cake), page 59 (pies) page 65 (noodles)

Karrin MacLeod, Business Development Manager

Gourmet Mac N Cheese: I LOVE this… Takes me right back to my childhood – Sunday dinners.  It was also the first recipe my daughter learned to make – so we ate it a lot… All with slightly different variations.

Recipe in issue 91, page 72

Claire Aldous, Food Editor

Olivia’s Chicken Wonton Noodle Soup looks lip-smackingly delicious. Anything topped with spoonfuls of chilli oil and has chicken wontons is perfect cold weather fare for me and what’s not to love about an aromatic broth infused with ginger, star anise and cinnamon. As we say, winter wellness in a bowl!

Recipe in issue 91, page 42

Maria Hoyle, Sub Editor/Writer

The Spinach, Feta, Ricotta and Currant Pie is packed with everything I love – all wrapped in buttery pastry – so that definitely has my name on it. And the Nut Butter Blueberry Crisp looks like seduction on a plate – every time I see that image I drool. Berries and a crunchy nut topping, plus a dollop of comforting custard? Yuuum!!

Recipe in issue 91, page 51 (pie), page 80 (blueberry crisp)

Alex Blackwood, Digital Editor

I’m going for the Sticky Date Espresso and Whiskey Croissant Pudding because espresso and whiskey are the best things ever (and croissants are definitely top 10) plus I reckon that after dinner is over, this would make a breakfast to look forward to. It helps that the recipe involves ripping up croissants into thirds and just poking them into the dish. How easy does that sound!?

Recipe in issue 91, page 80

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